Aptamil Confort 1 800g

Aptamil Confort 1 800g


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Aptamil Confort 1 has been specially formulated to minimize gastrointestinal problems so common in newborns. Thus, Aptamil Confort 1 minimizes the frequency of cramps, gas, constipation, making stools more pasty and favoring the development of a predominantly bifidogenic intestinal microflora. Aptamil Confort 1 is indicated from birth to 6 months of age as a substitute or complement to breast milk when it is not possible or sufficient. Aptamil Confort 1 features LC-PUFA'S (w6 and w3), nucleotides, partially hydrolyzed seroproteins, and a patented GOS / FOS blend. 800g Powder Packing
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Wash hands thoroughly and sterilize all utensils. Boil drinking water for 5 minutes. Let cool about 30 minutes. Pour the necessary water (see the measurements on the outside of the Aptamil Confort 1 package) into the previously sterilized bottle. Do not boil the same water for use in other bottles. Always use the measuring spoon contained in the package. The measurement must be shallow. You should not press extra dust. Add the indicated dose of Aptamil Confort 1 milk powder to water. Adding too much or too little to the corresponding amount of water can be harmful to your baby. Close the bottle and shake well (about 10 seconds) to dissolve. Before offering milk to your baby, check the milk temperature by pouring a few drops on your wrist. Directions for use Prepare the bottle and give it to your baby immediately. Do not use debris from previous bottles. Do not heat the reconstituted bottle in the microwave. The heating is not uniform, may have some overheated areas that may burn. Never add extra measures or any other food to your baby's bottle. Conservation: Store in a cool dry place. Do not store in the fridge. Use the product within 4 weeks of opening the package.

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