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The vine is inexhaustible and is Caudalie's first source of inspiration. In addition to our patents, we seek many other exclusive and active substances, exceptional for the skin.
We prioritize natural and environmentally friendly assets and look for tomorrow's “green” assets. The vine extracts that we explore for our patents come from vineyards in the regions of Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy. We use a minimum of preservatives (Ecocert certified). We are against animal testing.
Our commitments to the environment are also at the heart of our industrial development: our packaging is made from recycled paper. As far as possible, we use recycled plastic or vegetable plastic. We recycle as much as possible to reduce our waste and our consumption of raw materials. We optimize packaging and transport to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Coffret Trio SOS Hydratation Intense
+ SOS Intense Hydration Cream 50ml+ SOS Quenching Serum 15ml+ Hydrating Cream Mask 15ml
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Intense Hydration S.O.S Cream: CAUDALIE Vinosource Intense Hydration Cream S.O.S helps reduce redness and tightness by providing hydration to the skin. It soothes very sensitive skin and dry skin thanks to its formula which helps repair skin damage. The skin is quickly plumped and revitalized thanks to its sensory texture. The cream has a phyto-aromatic scent which combines light notes of bergamot, lemon leaf, fresh mint, cucumber and tangerine.

Refreshing S.O.S Serum: The Refreshing S.O.S Serum helps revive the inner mechanisms of skin hydration. Thus, the water flows are revived so that the skin is full of water, plump and well pulped. It quickly regains suppleness and softness for a long time. This Serum has a very watery and very light texture which melts and penetrates quickly to act instantly. Its fragrance combines fresh notes of mint, cucumber water, lemon and tangerine leaves.

Hydrating Mask-Cream: The Hydrating Mask-Cream is a hydration bath for dry skin. It will soothe the skin, making the tightness disappear. The skin on your face is more hydrated, more supple and soft.

Intense Hydration S.O.S Cream: Morning and evening. Apply to the face, after putting on the Serum. Do not forget to apply the cream on the neck.

Refreshing S.O.S Serum: Morning and evening. Before your moisturizer, apply to the entire face.

Hydrating Cream Mask: On the face and around the eye, apply the cream mask. Leave on for 15 minutes or overnight. Remove the excess.

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