Tena Lady Mini Magic Dressing x 34

Tena Lady Mini Magic Dressing x 34


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The first micro-product of its kind, TENA Lady Mini Magic ™ is a true innovation in discreet protection, ideal for those who only lose a few drops of urine. 152 mm long and 3 mm thick, it is as small as an ordinary daily dressing, but it was developed to hold much more urine. This is because it is designed to quickly absorb urine through the new QuickDry ™ film and into the LockAway Core ™. This leaves the product visibly drier and, together with the Fresh Odor Control ™ system, leaves a feeling of freshness and comfort. Features and advantages: - The QuickDry transfer film allows for quick absorption and retains the liquid so that there is no contact with the skin and that it remains dry.- The adhesive strip keeps the dressing in place in the underwear.- Fresh odor control ™ reduces the risks of odors, ensuring freshness and discretion.- Textile touch surface close to the body, smooth as silk.- Body Shape for an excellent fit to the body
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Smooth silk-like surface, more delicate and dry in contact with the skin. The silky smooth surface was designed with a soft and delicate textile touch material that immediately removes moisture, keeping your loved one dry and contributing to good skin health. QuickDry surface for immediate dryness TENA Lady has a special perforated surface that absorbs liquid immediately, providing dryness to the skin for comfortable use. Length: 15 cm

All the materials that make up the product are dermatologically tested to be safe and soft for the skin.

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