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The malleable orthosis of the hallux valgus EPITHELIUMFLEX 02 allows straightening the big toe, limiting pronation and, thus, optimizing propulsion. In sports, the quality of support is essential to prevent wounds and improve performance. The orthosis also allows to relieve the pain associated with the bunion, whether it is at the beginning or already very marked.
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Splint, re-straightening, corrector, corrective orthosis for hallux valgus ... here is the range of solutions available to correct and relieve a painful bunion. However, those that can be used on the foot during the day are rare. The correction orthosis for the hallux valgus EPITHELIUMFLEX 02 is placed on sports shoes: it limits the pain and the progression of the bunion at the beginning, while favoring its performance.

FUNCTIONALITY: The hallux valgus EPITACT orthosis acts on three complementary factors:

-A CORRECTIVE ACTION: The EPITHELIUMFLEX silicone tendon, associated with the support tab, allows you to straighten the big toe, limit pronation and, thus, optimize the impulse. During sports, the quality of support is paramount to prevent injuries and improve performance.

-A PROTECTIVE ACTION: The external EPITHELIUMFLEX tendon also allows the absorption of pressure and friction on the exostosis (“bunion”) and, thus, to avoid the risk of heating.

-A MAINTENANCE ACTION: The compression metatarsal brace helps to control the crushing and development of the forefoot.

Pass the forefoot through the strap: then cover the big toe.

When using for the first time, do not attempt to fully straighten the big toe.

During the first 10 uses, progressively straighten the big toe by pulling the device backwards.

The device can be used daily for maximum effectiveness.

Lack of mobility of the big toe.

Do not use on an unprotected wound.

52% silicone, 48% polyamide / elastane fabric.

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