Guarantee of Origin

Guarantee of Origin

We take every precaution to ensure that the details, descriptions, and prices of all products on our site are correct. However, nothing prevents errors from occurring. Due to possible errors, Cosmetic2go refuses to accept orders containing products with incorrectly published information, such as examples and promotions. However, the refusal also has other reasons, such as products out of stock, purchases considered fraudulent and inability to obtain payment authorization.

If the order contains a product that is out of stock and has been paid for via Paypal, we will take the initiative to remove that same product from the order as a way of not delaying the process further and will immediately refund that product via the payment method used. The customer service team will notify you of the change in order and the scheduling of the refund.

Before purchasing or using any product, information or service offered by or through this website, you should consult your physician, as any information or product on this website is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any condition you may have.

Cosmetic2go is not responsible for any content, legality, decency or accuracy of any information and any products or services that may exist on any link or site linked to this one.